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User Guide



Customer Facing

  1. We have added a new theme to your Shopify store with "-ninemags" suffix in its name. This is a copy of your live theme with a custom product layout.

  2. Please navigate to your Shopify admin dashboard, go to the Themes section, and locate the new theme with the "-ninemags" ending. Click on the Actions dropdown and select Preview to open a preview of this theme.

  3. While in the preview mode, navigate to your product with the custom product where NINEMAGS is integrated.

  4. After the page loaded, in your browser's address bar, append ?view=ninemags to the end of the product page URL and press Enter. This step will load the product page with the new template and allow you to view the product using the specific layout of the new theme.
    ➡️ The URL will look like this:

  5. When the window reloads, test the functionality of the file uploader. We recommend testing File Uploader at least in one browser on Desktop and mobile.
    ☝️ What to look for: how image Uploader is positioned on the page, text is not cut off, images can be uploaded, viewed and added to the shopping cart.

  6. Place a test order using uploaded pictures and your information: proceed to checkout, enter shipping and billing infomraiton and hit Place Order.
    💡 Tip: we added test promo codes to your store that you can use to place a free order. Codes are Ninemags and NinemagsShip. If you use both, you will get $0 order and will not need to pay for the order.


Note: skip steps 1-4 if the integration was done directly in your published theme (we will mention that in the email notificaton).

Shopify Admin

  1. When you placed the test order, navigate to Shopify Admin and find your order.

  2. Order information should have the following attributes under the product name:

  3. Make sure that the SKU on the product matches us with the SKU from the table below. If the SKU does not match, the app will not recognize the product and will not generate the print sheet.

What you should see under the product information in Shopify:


  1. NINEMAGS application pulls order data from your store every 5-10 minutes and looking for orders with status Open.

  2. If the order has one of the SKUs defined by NINEMAGS, then order details are downloaded and a print sheet is generated along wiht the ZIP file with source files.

  3. Print sheet and ZIP files are uploaded to your Dropbox folder.

  4. Configure your Dropbox folder to sync locally. We recommend to exclude source folder from syncing as you rarely need it.

  5. Every print sheet will be synced to your local computer.


NINEMAGS App integration has multiple settings under the product page in Shopify Admin.​

Settings you can change:

  1. Activate Upload: Toggles the visibility of the "Upload Files" button on a product page.

  2. Upload Message: a custom message appearing on the widget's sidebar in the image preview.

  3. Upload Providers: the sources from which images can be uploaded.

Please do not change the rest of the settings unless recommended by NINEMAGS team.


Currently Supported:

  • Square 2x2 with 9 pictures - Letter Size
    SKU: NINEMAGS-2x2-9


  • Round 2.25" with 9 pictures - Letter Size

  • Square 2x2 with 9 pictures - A4

Looking for your size? Contact us



The root folder where all other folders are stored. Your Dropbox workspace.


Print folder contains sheets that are ready for printing. All new orders go straight into this folder.


In the printing folder as soon as you want to print something, we recommend to pull files from the print folder into the printing folder.


Put your files in this folder when ready to print and print from this folder. This will help you avoid confusion and sort your orders easily.


The source folder file has the zip files with all the files that they uploaded and the print files. You can download, edit and upload it on your computer.


Temporary folder that you can use for various reasons. Example: temporary put a file in that folder that you need to reprint.

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