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Magnet and Button Making Software for Shopify that is designed with UX in mind and built to automate your order fulfillment process.


Image Uploader

Beautiful image uploader with image editing and cropping fully optimized for desktop and mobile. Integrates into your Shopify store. All images are stored in the orders details in Shopify admin.

Print Sheet Generation

Every order created in Shopify get a print sheet generated within a few minutes after the order is placed.  The template has your order number and website URL. The template can be adjusted based on your needs.

Syncing to Dropbox

Each auto generated sheet is sent to your local computer automatically via Dropbox. NINEMAGS does that for you All you have to do is send the print sheet to the printer. No need to download and organize files.

Built by the team with 10+ years of experience in Magnet Making business.


User Experience is continuously tested and optimized for conversion.


Fully optimized for mobile browsers.


We maintain and support it so you don't have to. 


The application is built based on a reliable modern technical stack.


We regularly release new features and updates.



Month to Month

*up to 200 orders a month

+$15/mo for extra 100 orders a month


$100 setup fee

6 Months

*up to 200 orders a month

+$15/mo for extra 100 orders a month

$479.70 for 6 months

$100 setup fee  waived

$79.95 starting month 7


Q: How long does it take to set up the application?

A: Typical turn around time is 2-4 weeks. We will contact you after placing an order to request access and confirm additional details.

Q: Why does it cost more as the volume of orders goes up?

A: Each order takes space on my server, in Dropbox, in Uploadcare. As the usage goes up, so does the cost to support and maintain. 

Q: Why is there a setup fee?

A: Each setup requires a developer to review your Shopify theme, add modifications to include the Uploader, configure and integrate the backend application to work with your Shopify store. If you subscribed for 6 months, the setup fee is waived.

Q: Does NINEMAGS Application work with Wix?

A: NINEMAGS is built for Shopify only.

Q: What sizes are currently supported?

A: Supported sizes (A4 paper format only):
- Square 2x2"
- Round 2.25" 

Q: What are the next upcoming sizes that will be added to NINEMAGS?

A: Supported sizes:
- Square 2.5x2.5", 3x3", 50mm x 50mm (non US customers)
- Round 1.25", 3"

- Rectangle  2 1/2" x 3 1/2", 2x3"

Q: Will NINEMAGS work with my button size? 

A: If your button size is not currently supported, we will be happy to add it in the future. You will need to provide a print sheet in PNG format in order to add your size.

Q: Do I need to pay for additional services to use the application?

A: You pay for the application only. We provide access to a shared folder on Dropbox but you do not need a paid account unless you want to.

Q: Does NINEMAGS App support Buy Now and Upload Later function?

A: NINEMAGS does not support this feature. This is in the roadmap and will be added later in 2024.

Q: Does NINEMAGS support cutting press print sheets?

A: NINEMAGS does not support this feature. This is in the roadmap and will be added later in 2024.

Q: If I install a new theme, will NINEMAGS still work?

A: The application is installed directly into your theme. If you use a different theme, the app needs to be integrated again.

Q: I have another question. How can I contact you?

A: Email


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